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Welcome to MarGil Party Rental

We offer you more than just rentals, we offer you over 20 years of event experience.


Not just chairs

We started the company with chairs and tables, but now rent also staging, tents, dinnerware, linens, dance floors and much more.


Technical Support

No event is the same, so why not custom design the decor for your next event? Unique settings can highlight your brand in your corporate event.

Venue Scouting

Site Inspections

Having a great venue is half of the successful event. We scout and inspect sites with our client for technical and creative support


One place, many services

 Together with our partners, we can plan, design, cater, staff and do much more for your event.

Custom Services

For that extra edge

One event in different venues? Got a wedding outside the island, say Bonaire? No problem. We can customize our services to our customer’s need


You'll love us for it

An event is a social gathering, so why only make it about the decor? Designing experiences is just as important for the impact you desire from your event.


We have a history
of over 20 years of
event experience

How we became MarGil Party Rental

Our late father and mentor, Marcelo Janzen, founded MarGil Party Rental in 1992 after early retirement. We started with a few chairs and tables in a small garage. We were and still are committed to offering outstanding service to our customers and this has helped us in growing to one of the largest event companies on the island. After 25 years of weddings, corporate parties and social events, we are ready for the next stage of the business.

We are a family business, family owned and managed by family. We consider our employees family and run the business with family values in mind. This company believes in helping and working with others to create a better quality of life.  Based on this philosophy we try our hardest to contribute to the community in many ways.

Feel free to contact us with any requests at sales@margilpartyrental.com or call us at +5999-8686337

The Events

From dream to reality


Talk to us.

MarGil Party Rental Kaya Alderlieste # 4, Curacao T:+59998686337

Please email us any questions you may have via sales@margilpartyrental.com